How far do you deliver to?
All our packages include free delivery to High Wycombe, Marlow and Beaconsfield however we can deliver to anywhere in the UK. Click here to see our delivery charges.

Can I plug my turntables/CDJ's into your system?
Yes. All our mixers can take at least 2 line and 2 phono inputs. Alternatively you can use your own mixer if you have one.

Is the equipment insured?
No. It is up to you to either insure the equipment at your own expense or to accept full responsibility for the equipment while it is in your care. A full valuation of the equipment is available on request.

Do you have a PAT certificate?
Yes. All of our equipment is tested for electrical safety and we use 30mA RCD plugs on our installations for additional protection.

How long do you need to set-up/take-down?
Our smallest packages take around 10 minuts to setup, whereas our largest packages could take several hours! Some venues may take longer due to long walks or flights of stairs between our vehicle and the performance location, so really you'll need to contact us for a more accurate time estimate. Take-down times are usually around 30% less than setup times, so, for example, our DIY Disco DJ package typically takes 30 minutes to setup and 20 minutes to take-down.

How many plug sockets do you need?
For most of our systems we need only one wall socket. We have ample extension leads to power all of our equipment and also to provide several power points for your latop or iPod chargers. For the DIY Pro DJ package we would need at least 2 wall sockets, if not more depending on the size of the setup.